Personal Information

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New Product Development, Auditory User-Interface, Human Centered Design

Educational Background

M.S., Department of Industrial Engineering, Seoul National Univ., 2011.

Ph.D., Department of Industrial Engineering, Seoul National University, 2017.


[International journal]

Kim, W., Lee, Y., Lee, J. H., Shin, G. W., & Yun, M. H. (2017). A comparative study on designer and customer preference models of leather for vehicle. International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics.

Kim, W., Kim, Y. M., & Yun, M. H. (2018). Estimation of stature from hand and foot dimensions in a Korean population. Journal of forensic and legal medicine.

Kim, W., Park, D., Kim, Y. M., Ryu, T., & Yun, M. H. (Accepted). Sound Quality Evaluation for Vehicle Door Opening Sound using Psychoacoustic Parameters.