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-B.S., Department of Industrial Engineering, Purdue University, 2012


Donggun Park, Yu Shin Lee, Sejin Song, Ilsun Rhiu, Sanghyun Kwon, Yongdae An, Myung Hwan Yun. (2016). User centered gesture development for smart lighting. 한국HCI학회 학술대회,146-150.

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Kim, W., Ryu, T., Lee, Y., Park, D., & Yun, M. H. (2015). 2C2-2 Modelling of the Auditory Satisfaction Function for the Automobile Door Opening Quality. 人間工学, 51, S478-S483.

Wonjoon Kim, Taebeum Ryu, Yushin Lee, Donggun Park, Myung Hwan Yun. (2015). Development of Affective Visual Quality for Vehicle Trunk using Affective Engineering. 대한인간공학회 학술대회논문집,14-19.

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